Drawing Knot Diagrams with LaTeX and Xy-pic


During Fall 2002 I attended a seminar on Knottheory, held by Prof. Koschorke. I wanted to produce some foils, showing knots and their polynomials with LaTeX.

After some research on the web, I found out that Xy-pic was the right tool for me. After a few weeks studying the manuals and in vain searching for better documentation about the knots and link feature, I was able to held my seminar.

During Christmas holidays 2002, I found time to write down a small introduction or tutorial, showing how to typeset mathematical knots and links with Xy-pic. This introduction is intended for Xy-pic - beginners. It is not a replacement for the reference manual, it is an addition with many examples.

Click here to view the XyPicKnot-Introduction.


You can download either the Pdf-version or a Zip file containing the Html-version:


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